Advice on being Patient from The Best in the Business

Advice on being Patient from The Best in the Business

When I was in my teenage years I used to be very impatient. This impatience lead to loss of some longtime friendships and quite a few relationships as well. Maybe it was not just that but the after effects of this which was making it even more difficult. It used to turn off the logical brain and without it, there were just raw emotions bursting out in anger on my loved ones.

Close friends advised reading some self-help books that’ll definitely help or maybe see someone like a psychiatrist who could understand what’s the problem. And there I was, 18-year-old kid, looking for patience everywhere but couldn’t find much of an answer even after reading a few books, blogs and whatnot.

 Advice on being Patient from The Best in the Business

A few years later, when I was mature enough to understand that maybe I was looking at all the wrong places. I saw my mom listening patiently to my dad blabber after a hectic day at work and moments after she listened to my sister complaint about not having enough clothes in her closet. I was standing there listening to all this and thinking what makes her listen to everyone so patiently when she could have just ignored or lashed out in such situations. After observing the same things over a week I couldn’t resist but ask her, how do you do this? From Where did you get all this patience? How can you listen to 3 people complaining about everything all the while being so calm?

Her reply stuck with me even after all these years. She said, “When you love someone deeply and care for them, you find all the reasons to stay calm and listen to their problems even when you are in a middle of a crisis. It’s not who you are in your good days which makes you a better person but it’s what you can resist and try to be a kind person even in your bad days.”

Stop looking for patience in books, blogs, and whatnot.
Learn from the in-house expert, your mother.

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