Always Together Poem for Her

Always Together Poem for Her

I am sorry for being apart, 

this is the time when we restart.
It was you I was looking for, 
whether it be a deep-sea or ashore.
We might have hit a stone,
but baby now we know how it is to be alone.
The journey will have up and downs,
it is as crazy as it sounds.
Let’s promise each other to leave everything behind,
this is where the destiny intertwined.
From now lets put our ego aside,
girl I want you in my life’s ride.
The future might have its own plans,
but I want the present to be in our own hands.
They say that life is too short,
but baby for us I want to build a fort.
Where you be the queen,
and for me, it will be a beautiful scene.
Now that we are together,
baby, I can take on any weather.

Dedicate this poem to your girlfriend or wife. To read more poems, quotes and short stories Follow The Keeper Diaries.

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