Heartbreaking Poem For Her

Heartbreaking Poem For Her

I remember the day we first met,


I remember the day you left.
I wish for it to be just a dream,

but then again we two were the best team.
3 years later the phone beeped hi,

yet again turned out into a weird goodbye.
I wish for us to stay forever,

but you made sure that this could happen never.
You wanted things to end on good term,

But the thought of losing you eats me like a worm.
I started losing all hopes,

this is when I was introduced to dope.
In the midst of misery,

I made sure it remains just history.
The peace was within the books on the shelf,

this is when I found myself.
The love still remains in the heart,


but the misery was folded in the past.

I hope you like this heartbreaking poem. Dedicate this poem to your girlfriend/wife.

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