Something cool so let’s do it? Someone’s happy smoking or drinking so, we should do it too? Someone else is betting so, we should also put our money at risk? Others are bullying someone so, we should do the same? Everybody’s opting for a certain course so I should also do that? Is this kind
of imitation right?


George Bernard Shaw beautifully said,

Imitation is not just the sincerest form of flattery, it’s the sincerest form of learning.”

From the beginning, we learn by imitating others. A child learns things by watching his parents and copying the same act. We were designed in a way to learn from others. But are we doing the right thing by imitating what we see?

As a child we don’t have much of an option, our thinking level is low. So we do what we see. But, being an adult we have an understanding level where we can decide what’s wrong and what’s right for us. Are we making the right decision?

It’s actually not cool to do something that someone else is doing. That doesn’t describe who you are. Be unique in what you do. Stand out. In school and college, we see students bullying other students so we do the same once we are seniors because that’s the trend, that’s what everybody else has been doing. But, is that right? Firstly you don’t have to be a part of it and secondly do something to stop if that’s wrong. You will be way cooler than what you thought.

If imitating is what you are good at. Then imitate people who are successful, who are humble and who are good from heart.

Read the stories of leaders, entrepreneur, celebrities, what they did and how they became so big from being nothing a few years back. Learn from their stories on how they kept going on what they liked and never looked back. This is where are imitating quality should be used not to turn ourselves into a junkie.

You tell me what kind of imitation is right.

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