LOVE-HEARTBREAK-GIVING UP Is that what life is?

LOVE-HEARTBREAK-GIVING UP Is that what life is?

Have you ever been heartbroken? Have someone left you at a crucial stage in life? Have you ever thought of giving up? Have you been in that moment where everything looks annoying?

Well, you might be stupid enough to think that you should give up because someone left you. What is up with this generation? Giving up so easy? Thinking about giving up on life? Have you ever given a thought of what might happen to your parents? What they might feel?
A lot of questions and no answers. This is life and this is the way it will be. If you loved someone then have the balls to take the pain that comes with it. Not all love stories end on a happy note. But don’t you dare think that you have lost everything. Just look around yourself, there are people who want to just see you smile. There are people who pray for your good health every single day. Are you doing justice to them? Is it okay to leave everyone behind just for one single person? Is your family, friends, colleagues going to be same without you? No, of course not.
Just think before doing anything. There’s going to be just this one single life and this is what you want to make out of it? Next time this thought comes to your mind, just do one thing. Call one of your friends and ask what you mean to them. Maybe that will change your decision. Talk to your parents, grandparents they’ll tell you what you are to them.
Yes someone left you but don’t people leave every time? Yes, you were in love but who said love cannot happen twice? Yes, you feel like everything’s over but this is life. You are going to get this feeling over and over again but you don’t have to get on your knees and cry, rather get back up and fight your way to the very top where everyone that left you would wanna come back to you.
I want to ask you, Do you think giving up is the right decision?

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