The Introvert’s Last Wish

The Introvert’s Last Wish | Writings

I’m an introvert. Often mistaken as egoist or arrogant. Yes, I need time to be with my own self. Yes, I like spending time with myself or maybe with the person I love. This doesn’t give you the right to judge me. I won’t raise my voice like an extrovert just to prove my point. An introvert will be finding a little corner in the house, writing his thoughts down in a diary or a blog. That’s who I am. That’s how I face my biggest of fears and enjoy all my happiness.

The Introvert's Last Wish | Writings

Also, an introvert loves like his life depends on it. Yes, I loved, loved with my soul and body, with all I had. This wasn’t the love to prove something or to show off. This love was pure, beyond imagination, beyond what you could take.

An introvert cannot take the unnecessary blabbering that everyone loves. That’s why I find it difficult to socialize. That’s why we like our own company and love small talks with some special people only.
Every introvert wishes that the world understands them and give them space. Don’t pressure us to join your blabber or attend some foolish party. Let us enjoy our serene nature. Being an introvert, I wish for this world to be a peaceful place, where everyone loves being who they really are, where this trend of imitation ends, where the love always wins over jealousy, selfishness, dishonesty.

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