THE LEADER WHO HAD NO TITLE – Robin Sharma | Book Review

THE LEADER WHO HAD NO TITLE – Robin Sharma | Book Review

“The job of a leader is to grow more leaders. If you’re not lifting people up then please know you’re tearing people down.” – Robin Sharma.

Another breathtaking novel by Robin Sharma. The writer of ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’. Over 1.5 million copies sold of ‘The Leader Who Had No Title’. As written on the cover of the book, it’s a modern fable on real success in business and life. It’s been 7 years this book has been published and still it gives the best advice on how to improve your business and personal life.

THE LEADER WHO HAD NO TITLE - Robin Sharma | Book Review

“Within the covers of a single book are ideas that, if acted upon, have the power to rescript every part of your life.” – Robin Sharma

If you’ve been looking to start a new book, I’ll strongly recommend reading this one. This book demonstrates the value of showing leadership at work no matter your position in the organization. It will help one reach out to the hidden talents within. It’s time we rethink our strategy of being forced to work every day and transform into a life where we actually love going to work each day.

In today’s work environment, everyone pulls other down to reach the top of the hierarchy. According to Robin Sharma, one needs to show just the leadership skills to improve his work and reach one’s goal in life. The 4 principles shared by Robin in this book will simply transform your insights on working in an organization. The 4 principles shared in the book are:
1. You need no title to be a Leader.
2. Turbulent times build great leaders.
3. The deeper your relationships, the stronger your leadership.
4.To be a great leader, first become a great person.

Each principle will help you understand what we have been doing wrong all those years. Though it’s never too late, so read the book and give yourself an opportunity towards a more peaceful business and personal life.

“Problems are only problems when we make them problems. Victims cry, ‘Why me?’ Leaders, on the other hand, shout, ‘It’s up to me!’” – Robin Sharma

The Leader Who Had No Title (Affiliate Link)

 Also, check out another book by Robin Sharma which helps provide discipline in life. The monk who sold his Ferrari which sold over 3 million copies.

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