THEY NEED YOUR HELP ! Life of a poor kid.


Looking back at my childhood, I realize how lucky I am to be raised in a family which could provide everything that I wanted. You reading this article might also feel the same. But, this couldn’t be said for kids who are born in slums and spend their entire childhood on streets. Yes, some kids transformed their childhood with sheer dedication and a bit of luck. one definitely needs the luck to rise from ashes.

THEY NEED YOUR HELP ! Life of a poor kid.
Have you ever thought about the other children who couldn’t make much of their lives?
DO you even know what their options are?
It’s hard for them to even exist in this world. The kids working in the stalls and factories have to lead a very difficult life. Some of them resort to the darker side; stealing, hurting others, or even killing. Obviously, this is not what they want, they are being pushed to do things they never imagined. I am not favoring this, I am just trying to explain what they might be going through.
So coming to what we can do towards the betterment of the future of these poor kids.
Well if you are young, you can ask your parents to spend some of their money in helping these poor kids by providing education to maid’s son or daughter instead of donating lakhs and thousands of rupees in temples, mosques, and church every year.
If you are an independent person, you can start by planning your future in a better way. For example, if you are thinking of having 2 kids, then adopt one kid or I would say adopt both kids from some orphanage. For you it will be the same pleasure of having a kid but, for the kid, it might change his/her whole life.

Think about this. The world needs more good people.

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