Horrors of Future

Horrors of Future 

Horrors of Future | Writings

Someone whispered into my ears
“Please, help me!”
I was terrified, finding myself alone.
I could hear the sobbing.
I sensed dejection.
I could hear him saying, “I’m not worthy of being here.”
My hands started trembling, heart started beating briskly.
I saw someone afar. He was crying.
Calling me by my name. He knew who I was.
I started moving slowly towards him.
He stood there facing the other side still crying.
I was close enough to hear everything clearly.

“I’m not who I should be. I’ve become something else. I was supposed to be a kind person. See, I’m a monster now.”

And he turned.
I fell on my back. Heart in my mouth.
I felt a hand on my shoulder. He was sitting behind me. I screamed in horror.
It was me. The person crying was me. Grey hair, long beard, face half burned filled with wrinkles. But, it was me. I could recognize myself.

I became numb. Couldn’t move my body anymore. I just closed my eyes to avoid everything.
I could see him again with my eyes closed. He was there standing in front of me.

“You’re afraid of yourself. This is what you’ve become for all the sins you’ve committed. For all the sins you’re about to commit. You thought you were different. But you’re not. You are like everyone else sinning every step of their way. Hoping there’s no one keeping records. Lost the sense of gratitude, forgotten the only task of life; Serve others. I hope you change. I hope you change my destiny. I hope the records turn positive before you step here. I can just hope.”

I stood numbly while everything started disappearing.  The old burned me was gone before I could say anything. I heard a knock, and it amplified until I woke up.
It was 2 am. I was alone in the house.
I opened the door.
There was no one.
I came back inside sitting on the couch filled with horror of what just happened.
Maybe it was just a dream. But, what about the knock on the door? Maybe, that happened in my dream. I couldn’t distinguish between dreams and reality. Maybe it was just a reminder of change.

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