"Is He Quitting or Are You the One Making him Quit?"

“Is He Quitting or Are You the One Making him Quit?”

Is it okay to keep someone waiting forever just for a yes? 

A girl can’t always blame the right one for quitting. Maybe it’s you who made him quit. Maybe he just couldn’t stay a sideline forever. Maybe he needs to know that you love her. Maybe just a yes can change everything for both of you. Maybe he keeps thinking that you don’t love him. Maybe that’s the thing which might push him away.

And when you really need him after all those years, he might not be the one what he used to be.
So Just ask this simple question to yourself and if you get the answer then do go and tell him.

“Is he the one quitting or are you the one making him quit?”

If you love someone then you don’t have to keep it to yourself, just because you are scared of some shit to happen. If you love him then there’s nothing to be scared about. If he deserves your love then don’t wait for the perfect moment, make this moment perfect.

We tend to live in a fear of making things worse by getting into a relationship. But, what if not getting into one is ruining everything?

Don’t be scared of change. It might be lead to all the good things this time.

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