Adding another soul? Think about it first

Adding another soul? Think about it first

They are one of us and one in a million in fact. Gloomy they might look but the fire in their hearts still wants to last. Yes, they are the children of someone’s wrongful past or maybe someone who couldn’t keep up with the world’s pace. Have you ever thought of adopting a child?

The answer might be no. But I want to ask, why is it so? 
Adding another soul? Think about it first | Writings
In this overpopulated world, you want to add another soul while the ones already here are looking for a way out.

I want to ask, Are they not the god’s child?

Do they not deserve a peaceful life?

The world is changing, so should you. Try adopting a child and put a smile on an ever gloomy face. I assure you will feel good for the rest of your life. He will be your son or a daughter, nothing’s different nothing’s changed. Make someone’s life worth living by doing a small act.
Go visit an orphanage and see some kids, meet them, greet them, most importantly look at the smile on their faces, when they see you.
They must be thinking you are here to take them home. Home- a place they have never seen. All they know is someone will come and take them along. But, does that happen more often? No, it does not. Why are we so headstrong on the way things have been going? We are ready to change values that do not suit us well, but why don’t we change this mentality of having our own child.
Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in this world.”
Let’s change the way we think about adoption. Let’s break the old rituals and create a new dawn for the ever gloomy orphans who need our help.
So, I ask you, Are you planning on adding another soul to this planet?

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