Interview with Mansi Dahiya (gravity_of_unsaid)

Interview with Mansi Dahiya (gravity_of_unsaid)

Today we have a logophile (lover of words) on our blog. The sole admin of the Instagram page gravity_of_unsaid, Mansi Dahiya. The name of the page is beautiful, how the unsaid words pull you down, how much they actually weigh. Don’t go on the followers count, her content is what matters. Also, it’s beautiful how you can talk to her about life and find beautiful answers from her side. And, how can I forget about the ever-beaming smile, get to know her and you’ll find out. It’s been a very short time that I’ve known her and I already feel a special connection to her.

Interview with Mansi Dahiya (gravity_of_unsaid)

Let’s jump straight to the Questions that I asked her for this interview.
You are almost a dental surgeon; I guess the studies must be difficult. How do you find time to write poems then sharing them at your page?

Presently I am a clinical intern, where we practice more than studying, comparatively.
Reading and writing are like an inevitable habit, they can’t be abandoned. (chuckles)
I really feel that the words and its influence dance all over my nerves for too long till I get into word~ trance (lol)
So magnificent and captivating as if  I feel accomplished after invaginating into my into old friends (habits) and giving time to it is like I prioritize what feeds my body and what feeds my soul.
Reading and writing are more like food to my soul.
I am really grateful I have found my solace beneath the yellow pages of enthralling text and breathing pen. 

Looking at your work, how do you write such big words? Sometimes I barely understand your poems as my vocabulary is quite low. Where did you learn them? I don’t remember learning them at school. 😛

I am a logophile. I like words, they attract me more than humans (lol) I learned long words while reading novel and newspaper. In fact in school, I was an average student in English. Ironically I had feared from English teachers but there was something in their eloquence of speech which was pretty influential.
When I see your Instagram Page I always notice that there are very few people that are following you. Do you for any moment think that why are you doing this?

No, I don’t think much about people following or unfollowing.
Because the audience who are really avid reader could rarely be found here. I think people are more into reading short verses.
Secondly, I think my writing is quite deep, words don’t hit everyone with the same frequency as it might do to you and maybe not to the person sitting just next to you.

I realized its kinda more intellectually dependent.
 I’ve shared many writings related to adoption, people living in the slum; mainly on poverty. What’s your take on this? What can a middle-class person do for all this? 

Not only the middle class or higher but if everyone at their work could be truthful in their service to society, things would definitely change.
No matter what, if one really does his or her work properly with sincerity and hope that one hand matter a lot in delivering to the world.

I believe things will become less struggling not only for poor people but also for the middle class.

Finally, What are your top 5 novels and your favorite authors?

My top five novels are-
1.A thousand splendid suns
2.Tantra experience
3.Eleven minutes

Favorite authors-
Oscar Wilde
Paulo Coelho
Khaled Hosseini
John Green

This was Mansi Dahiya with us on the second blog in this segment of raw writers of Instagram. You can follow her on Instagram at @gravity_of_unsaid. I will try to bring in a new budding writer every week and will be asking them a few questions about writing and some about social issues of our society. So, make sure you bookmark the website so you never miss the answers from your favorite writer.

Also, if you have a writer in mind who you want to see here or some interesting questions you want these writers to answer then let me know in the comments or hit me up in the DM of Instagram @thekeeperdiaries. You can also contact me at for any suggestions or feedback.

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