Are we spending or investing on space exploration?

Are we spending or investing?

I have been asking this question to myself every other day, today it’s your turn to answer this question. 
Are we really spending on space exploration or are we investing?
I personally feel that the billions of dollars spent on space exploration can be used to help the millions of people in need. Not all but, some for sure.
The lives lost due to the shortage of money or a huge debt is increasing each year all around the globe. People are obliged to live in temporary houses which are not able to withstand the extreme natural calamities like floods or earthquakes; some houses are sabotaged even by the strong winds.
Are we spending on investing on space exploration? | The Keeper Diaries
NASA spends about $16 billion every year. Don’t you think we are spending a lot?
Most importantly, Is this really an investment?
We are hell bound on spending money to find a place to live when the planet we are living on is of no use. But, shouldn’t we be spending on making the current situation better, rather than planning for hundreds of years ahead.
It’s not like we are doing absolutely wrong but what about the people that we are trading for these huge projects?
In 2011 alone, 874,000 people died of poverty all over the world. Isn’t that something to look upon? Could this number have been reduced if there was some monetary help from the government to the poor people? 
A Times of India news state that around 10,000 farmers suicide in India every year since 2013. India has a huge agricultural sector and if this is the number of suicides each year then most probably we are onto something very bad.
For 2017-18, Indian Space Research Organisation is allocated a total budget of Rs. 9093 crore. 
Are we even capable of understanding this? Are we just letting this pass in plain sight?

To make things even worse by 2022, Aurora Station, a luxury hotel in space will be ready to host people for a 2-week luxury stay for a cost of $10 million. Like this is the ultimate thing we need. What do people even think before working on projects like these? What are governments doing while authorizing such projects?
We are advancing in terms of technology at a very fast pace but what are we leaving behind? A lot of dead bodies I reckon.
We have chosen to explore space while leaving a huge chunk of the population dying on land. Yes, everyone needs advancement in the way the world works, but where does all the help vanish when the time comes for the poor and the needy.
I still think what we are investing in is actually spending. If even the half of spending is turned towards the betterment of the people on Earth, the ratio between the poor and the rich might change for good.

This was all that I think. I would love to hear what are your views on this particular topic. Do you think we are spending more on space exploration than we should? Let me know your views in the comment section and I’ll join you there.

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