Interview with Tanu Dhiman (TheNotoriousReader)

Interview with Tanu Dhiman (TheNotoriousReader)
Today we have a young girl who is less of a writer and more of a reader. Yes, you guessed it right. She is a bookstagrammer. But, her writing skills are as good as her reading skills. She is not just an Instagrammer but a Blogger as well. Her Instagram images with books are just beautiful. I’m a fan of her innovative ideas and execution of her clicks.
I will be interviewing today Tanu Dhiman the sole admin of the Instagram Page TheNotoriousReader. Her blog contains reviews of books from Indian as well foreign authors. She is coming up with a lot of different things in the future apart from just the book reviews.

Interview with Tanu Dhiman (TheNotoriousReader)
Tanu Dhiman

Let’s not beat around the bush and start straight with the interview.

When did you start your Instagram Page and what were your expectations?

I actually intended to start my Instagram page in July of 2016 and I made all the social media accounts but I actively started posting from the end of February, starting of March this year (2018). I have always had a passion for books and I never found anyone with whom I shared this passion. I was completely unaware of the bookstagram community before I started posting and was happily surprised to find other people like me.
In terms of expectations, I wanted an outlet for my creativity and passion for books so I had pretty low expectations. Like I said, I had no idea that bookstagram was a thriving community, so I just wanted to do it as a hobby and keep my creative juices flowing. Also, at that time I felt like it would be a great way to keep reading books, something which gets lost in everyday life.
You are a bookstagram expert. What advice you have for the fellow readers who are having a problem concentrating in a book while having all the distractions around them?

 I am in no way a bookstagram expert! I would rather consider myself a book enthusiast who has an unhealthy obsession with clicking pictures of books and posting them online. 😀  
For people who have issues with concentration or finding time for reading with all the distractions, I would say, you are not alone. It happens to the best of us. Some people term it as a reading slump. If you are already a reader but are having trouble concentrating, I would suggest getting back to your roots. Try re-reading the books that made you fall in love with reading in first place. It always works for me. 

Her blog on How to become a Reader: Tips for beginners might help you if you are a beginner.
An eBook or a hard copy. What do you prefer? Why?

I actually quite love my physical copies be it paperback or hardcover. But I feel eBooks have their own benefits. I usually prefer to read an eBook when I am traveling or experimenting with a new genre or a new author. This helps me to save a lot of money since eBooks are usually inexpensive as compared to a physical book. Also, if I don’t like the new genre or author, it doesn’t occupy extra space on my bookshelf which is currently happily overflowing. If, however, I end up really liking the book, I just buy a physical copy later.
I like all your Instagram or I should say Bookstagram pictures. From where did 
you get all these great ideas and do you use a professional camera?

Thank you so much! I usually click my pictures randomly, without any theme in my mind. I do like to click outdoor pictures with the background of scenic places. So I always travel with a bag full of books. But inspiration from my fellow bookstagrammers also plays a very important role. I like to occasionally look at how other people are clicking pictures and learn new angles and props. I have definitely learned a lot from other bookstagrammers about photography just by observation since I have joined.
I don’t use a professional camera. I use my phone which is Mi Redmi A1 for all the pictures on my feed right now and I am pretty happy with the way they turn out. I don’t think you have to invest in a professional camera in order to become an instagrammer. Having creativity and imagination is quite enough.
Interview with Tanu Dhiman (TheNotoriousReader)
This is how good her bookstagram images are.💖

What are your future plans now that you have an Instagram page and a good looking website?

I am pretty excited to put out more content on my Instagram as well as my website. I hope I get much better with Instagram aesthetics. :p I want to put out more content for new readers and old ones alike. I also want to put out tips and tricks for readers by sharing my experiences which can help them in their reading journey. Finally, I hope I am able to make it my full-time job one day. Fingers Crossed.
This was Tanu Dhiman with us on the third blog in this segment of raw writers of Instagram. You can follow her on Instagram at @thenotoriousreader. I will try to bring in a new budding writer every week and will be asking them a few questions about writing and some about social issues of our society. So, make sure you bookmark the website so you never miss the answers from your favorite writer.

Also, if you have a writer in mind who you want to see here or some interesting questions you want these writers to answer then let me know in the comments or hit me up in the DM of Instagram @thekeeperdiaries. You can also contact me at for any suggestions or feedback.

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