The Purpose of Life

The Purpose of Life

What’s the purpose of life?
Where are we headed?
What do we want?
Is it loads of cash or the fame we need?
But, what’s the purpose of life?
The needs keep piling up like the unanswered questions.
Who will answer them?
Is there a god?
If there is, then, why we still don’t have any answers.
Why the questions keep piling up?
Those who got what they always wanted,
Are they here now?
Was that their life’s purpose?
Running after things and people for years and then lying down deep in the sand.
Are they content now?
Doing what they wanted to do.
I’m no monk nor do I intend to be.
I’m not famous but do I want to be?
I’m not rich but money attracts even the richest then who Am I to be questioned.
Are we stuck finding our life’s purpose?
Why are we always running?
Running from people
Running from true feelings
Running from ourselves
And finally running from this world
Will this ever stop?
Will these questions be answered? Maybe not.
If you ever meet God, don’t just stare or be amazed.
Ask him what’s our purpose and
will this circus ever see its final day?

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