Let The Positivity Flow | Third edition

Let The Positivity Flow | Quotes

Read these 5 quotes if you are feeling low. Let the positivity flow through your veins by reading these quotes and get motivated.

Let The Positivity Flow | Third edition | Quotes

Go out
Take a break
Feel the wind
Relieve yourself from stress and people.

Stop doing what you are doing.
Relax for 5 minutes.
You’ve earned this time to praise yourself.
You deserve self-love.

Let’s wish for a fair soul rather than a fair skin.
Souls last forever.

Don’t share your dreams with everyone.
Share it with someone who believes in it as much as you do.

Find your purpose
What are you here for?
What change can you bring?
Is it all about money?
What will happen if you were to die tomorrow?
What good will that money be?
Wake and find a purpose worth living for.

I hope reading this made your day a little better. Don’t stop, keep hustling. Remember, Let the positivity flow by sharing this with your loved ones.

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