5 Best Heart Touching Quotes

5 Best Heart Touching Quotes

Having difficulty finding quotes to dedicate to your loved ones? Here are 5 best heart touching quotes that you can share with anyone.
Late night rains,
make me feel,
I’m not the only one,
crying at night.
I heard a noise
It was afraid
Buried deep into the ground
It wishes to rise again
Breaking the shackles of hatred
Rising into the world of peace
It was my soul
Crying out loud from years
No one listened but, just me.
Your ruthless words engraved a story in my heart and soul.
Your dictatorial behavior carved a path to my egocentric nature.
Your decision to abandon made my destiny peerless.
I’ll take my scar to my grave
I’ll cry in the corners of my house.
I’ll not bitch about how weak I am.
I’ll rather pick myself up and fight back all my problems ‘Myself’.
“We are forever right?”
She asked.
“Yes, till my last breath.”
He replied.
He never told her about cancer.
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