You and Me Forever…

You and Me Forever…
Air conditioning was set to 23 degrees not too cold and not too hot but it was still an odd number which always bugs me somewhere deep down so I switched it to 22.
You were in deep sleep lying next to me. As pretty as always, I kept staring at your closed eyes for more than forever. I don’t know how but, I could stare at them even when they are closed and a quick glance at the cutest little nose of yours, almost sliding my finger at your nose but somehow, I resisted myself. I just wanted my finger to slide from your nose to your lips. Your cute soft beautiful lips. My finger would have landed on your lips which would have been swiftly replaced by my own lips giving you a little peck just after moving a strand of hair behind your ear. I wanted nothing to come in between you and me.

Only I know how I resisted myself from holding you close and not letting go. Holding you so tight that you’ll push me away. I guess that’s what happened. I was too close that’s why you pushed me away. But wait, how are you sleeping next to me. We broke up about a year ago. How are you even here?
I heard something and I woke up. I was on my bed. It was 3:25 A.M There was no one else in the room and then I looked at the air conditioner, it was set to 23 degrees…
This was a short story “You and Me Forever… In my dreams”. If you enjoyed reading this I’m sure you will like this as well, The Roof of Hopes Crushed | Short Story.
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