Interview with Pratishtha Patny (thepratishtha)

Interview with Pratishtha Patny (thepratishtha)
Today we’ve got ourselves a writer cum motivational speaker with us. The sole admin of the Instagram page @thepratishtha. Her page bio speaks for itself “My goal is to help you win at life”. She is working hard on motivating other people with her Instagram lives and posts and I’m pretty sure she will be providing valuable content on YouTube soon.
She started her page by sharing quotes on Instagram but soon shifted to sharing motivational content. Let’s ask her what changed her mind and what more secrets are hidden under her sleeve.

Interview with Pratishtha Patny (Thepratishtha)
“Every second of the day you make a conscious decision of what you want to focus on. There will always be a million things going wrong in your life and what you could complain about. What matters is if you choose to look at them or to be grateful and keep striving for better.
No matter what your goals and dreams are, positivity is a weapon that will lead you to victory in every battle.
Do you choose positivity today?”

How did you start your Instagram journey?
I started my Instagram journey as a quotes page on a random night, and I didn’t really have any long-term plans back then. I just believed that I could do anything, and I went ahead with it. I had found this really useful app called Canva, which brought out my creative and motivational side. I always knew I can motivate people and bring out their better side.

What made you switch from sharing quotes to being a motivational speaker?
I always wanted to motivate people to get into action and take charge of their lives. I was waiting for a chance to switch, but I also knew that it’s kind of a drastic change and I would lose a lot of followers too, because followers come with a certain expectation to your page, and when you rebrand the page, a lot of them would certainly leave. It’s actually with your help that I was able to finally rebrand the page. You gave me some ideas on how I could actually switch over, and I was in a less risky space to take that step, so I did. 🙂

Do you think you have the adequate experience in life to motivate and inspire others?
I’m glad you asked me this question. So I see that most people tend to spend their lives pondering and deliberating, instead of experimenting and executing, and I have been the person who always went for whatever she wanted to achieve. Once you do that, you get exposed to a variety of experiences and loads of learning. It is that learning that I know set me apart from the others and make me eligible to attempt to inspire others to do the same.

What do you think are the major problems in youth that need to be addressed immediately?
Great question! According to me, it’s learned helplessness. Most of us are just following paths already laid out for us, and we feel like we HAVE to do stuff. We HAVE to do what we’re told to do, we HAVE to do engineering, we HAVE to restrict ourselves etc. It’s like we either don’t dream big, or we dream impractically. We dream sitting on the sofa, or lying down on the bed while scrolling through social media for hours and hours, and not do anything about anything. The worst part about this is that we are living in an era where it’s realllyyyy easy to start, and we still choose to just ponder. We NEED to realize that it’s in our hands to make a change.

India has great motivational speakers like Sandeep Maheshwari and Vivek Bindra. What makes you different from them?
Sandeep Maheshwari is a great speaker, but he doesn’t provide personalized, structured and quantifiable results through courses, which is exactly what I do.
Vivek Bindra is a business coach and Leadership Consultant and is more focused towards entrepreneurship and business, whereas my course would be open for all and will go into depth based on the requirements of the course attendees. People from all age groups, backgrounds, countries and jobs are equally eligible and welcome for my courses.

Do you read as well? Any Favourites?
Yes, I actually read quite a lot. That’s where most of my mindset comes from. 🙂 I mostly love and read non- fiction (like Robin Sharma, Chicken Soup series, How to be a Bawse, etc.), but I also enjoy comics like Tintin and novels by Sidney Sheldon and Nora Roberts. ❤

What are your future plans?
The bigger picture for me here is to inspire as many people as deeply as possible. I want to bridge the gap between motivational speaking and actually inspiring people. I plan to do that by giving detailed and personalized explanations and solutions to everyone on how to get the life they always wanted. I strive to be directly approachable to people with the challenges that they face, instead of just making generic speeches. So, I’m currently working on setting up a series of courses on various topics like overcoming procrastination, developing self-confidence, improving social relationships, etc.

This was Pratishtha Patny with us on the fourth blog in this segment of raw writers of Instagram. You can follow her on Instagram at @thepratishtha. I will try to bring in a new budding writer every week and will be asking them a few questions about writing and some about social issues of our society. So, make sure you bookmark the website so you never miss the answers from your favorite writer.

Also, if you have a writer in mind who you want to see here or some interesting questions you want these writers to answer then let me know in the comments or hit me up in the DM of Instagram @thekeeperdiaries. You can also contact me at for any suggestions or feedback.

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