How to move on from difficult situations?

When we hear about moving on the only thing that comes to our mind is our last relationship. But that’s not all. Sometimes we need to move on from certain situations and circumstances. Losing someone close forever or getting fired from a job you loved. There will come many instances when you will have to be strong and move on. It gets difficult at times.
Is there really a strategy to move on?
I think there is.
I have collected 4 major points that will help you move on from all your unworthy past. But, remember this, nothing can actually help you if you yourself are not up for this task. Moving on is easy. I’ve done it. People all over the world do it several times a day. So can you. Just trust yourself and move forward.


1. Love Thyself

Whether you want to move on or not. This is something you should definitely do. Everyone is looking for acceptance in the outside world which leaves us doubting in our own mind. Next time, before looking towards someone else, be stronger and accept yourself as you are. Everyone is beautiful in their own way.

Even if you’re just fired don’t doubt yourself or maybe something wrong has happened. Just trust your instincts and believe that you are stronger and you can take any difficulty life has to offer. If you are rejected by your crush or your 3 years long relation just ended, it happens, it happens to all of us. Don’t lose hope, don’t doubt yourself. Although, start loving yourself more that is one major way to deal with any difficult situation.

2. Let past stay past

Past has let you down in some way that is why you are looking for a way to move on. To let past stay past, you need to cut off yourself from the person that is responsible for taking away your happiness. Don’t let them peek at you again once they have left you. Move on and shut all the doors that might lead that kind of people to you.
It requires you to be strong enough to ignore a person you once loved. This applies mostly to a relationship. But, in some cases, you can relate it to other situations as well. Don’t let your past come in between your present. The present is all you have to turn things around for yourself.

3. Fill your space with something useful

There is always a void after someone leaves you or maybe your 9-5 job is not there anymore and you are stuck to just your part-time job. You find yourself in a situation where you have a lot of time to overthink at times when you could have done things differently. This is not the road you should be walking on. This will only bring harm to your mindset.
Find ways to fill this empty space with something that you enjoy doing. I’ll suggest start reading books or watch the series that you always wanted to see or just work on your skills that you wanted to master. There is always so much to do. Don’t just sit and weep about what is not yours now instead, get your priorities straight and find something that is worth your time.

4. Keep Happy Memories

Past brings memories with it. Sometimes bad and sometimes good. It is your life so, decide which memories you want to hold on and which to let go. Happy memories will allow you to smile remembering about the person you moved on from.
I’ll advise you to keep holding on to the happy memories but, it doesn’t work for everyone. Sometimes happy memories do bring bad with it. So, if you are one of those then just try and forget all your memories with that person in order to move on and find happiness which was once lost.
I believe this will help you in some way to move on from difficult situations. If you are at any time in such a situation just remember one thing that you are the only thing that matters the most. So, keep yourself above everyone else.

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