How to be who you are?

How to be who you are?

You might be wondering what exactly is this blog about? I think this is one of the most important blogs that I have posted in a while.

So, what exactly is this blog about?

It’s about being what your personality is and not hiding what you really are from anyone.

You might ask, why exactly is this important?

I cannot explain enough; how important this is because each one of us has different personalities which make us stand out from the rest. Being who you do not only give you confidence but also provide you with the freedom to manoeuvre your life in the way you want it to go.


How to be who you are? | The Keeper Diaries

I have personally been in situations where I lost myself to the pressure from the surroundings and my peers.

There will be times when you are not confident enough to choose a path for your future. So, people do that for you. It might be your parents or your friends.

But, How and when do we get into such circumstances?

You might blame others at that time but, one thing you need to understand is everything wrong or right that happens in your life is because of you. Only you are accountable for all that’s happening in your life. If you would have been confident enough to make decisions for yourself then, such circumstances would never occur.

There are a few things that you should do in order to be connected to yourself and not lose your identity to others. 


1. Be Confident

This should be a blog in itself, ‘How to be confident’ I guess. But, let’s leave that for another day.

This is one and the only definite way to be who you are. To show your inner personality to the world, you first have to be confident in yourself.

Confidence comes from within, not from the outside. You have to start trusting yourself that whatever you are doing is right and you are accountable for whatever goes wrong in your life. Start making your decisions wisely and find time for yourself each day to look back at your decisions and learn each day.


2. Don’t Limit yourself

So basically, to be the one you already are is not a big thing, right? But for most of the folks around it is difficult to understand what I am trying to say. We set standards before knowing our own potential and that’s where we restrict ourselves. Limits are not for human beings and obviously they can be positive or negative so, choose wisely and look deeper into it. There is no manual to life it’s better not to find one.


3. Find some alone time

I want to keep this point to the top but, not everyone finds their strength from some alone time. Some of us like to be around people to boost ourselves to the top. However, most of us can get benefitted by spending some time with ourselves. The time you are with your soul and your mind, it will re-energize you and will give you the clarity of mind you need to begin thinking about your own priorities and how you want to lead your life.


4. Peer pressure

This is one thing that will never let you find the strength to come out from your fears. The outside pressure created by our peers is something we all need to face.

Why exactly do we get affected by peer pressure?

The feeling of not being good enough in front of our friends or the insecurity of being left alone is what leads to this peer pressure. Yes, the people around you also make a difference but, what you can control is what matters.

Overcome this fear of peer pressure by following the above steps: Being confident and finding some alone time.

I’m sure you will find your soul, your passion and what you really are by doing these things. If there is something you would like to add then just put it in the comments section and if I feel it resonates with the topic I will surely share it with everyone.

How to relieve yourself from pressure of life?

You must have heard this a thousand times that life is hard or life is unfair and many more things.

I don’t agree with any of this statement. I think we make life hard by bringing a lot of complications, by setting unreal standards, by working for materialistic possessions.
How does life get to put so much pressure on us?
I think you got the answer to this question in the first paragraph itself. It’s not life, it’s you.
But, if you still feel the pressure each day then how can it be reduced or completely removed?
I hope you will find the answer to this by the end of this small yet effective blog post.

Let us talk about a number of things that can be done in order to lead a life that does not feel like a punishment.
1. Meditation
I’ve kept meditation at the top because it actually works. I have experienced it myself and people all over the world meditate to lower down stress level and start thinking properly. Meditation is directly proportional to inner peace and lower pressure from life.
Start meditating for at least 10 minutes after you wake up and before you go to bed. You will feel the difference within the first week of starting this practice. Add this to your daily routine and increase the time as you start to get comfortable. 
Meditation will allow you to clear your mind. Find youtube videos and read blogs on how to start meditating.
2. Happiness
We are all looking for happiness in one way or other. But, are you looking in the right place?
Another way to reduce pressure from yourself is to find happiness. To be clear, happiness cannot be achieved by getting a new car or owning a house. They are all short-term happiness. Long-term happiness can only be achieved by making others happy and by helping others.
You can own a big house by the lake and have hundreds of fake people around you but they cannot give you real happiness. Real happiness can even be enjoyed in a small house with just 10 people around you. Interact with everyone, not just for the sake of benefitting yourself, but for understanding them and listening to others problem. If you bring a smile to someones face they will try to bring a smile to your face every chance that they get.
3. Love what you do
You have heard this, read about this and you are most probably tired of hearing this. You don’t have to start your own business in order to love your work. You can start loving your current job, in your current position and still be happy.
Most of our pressure comes from work. Still, we do nothing in order to improve or change some things. If you are struggling with your work then I would suggest you read The Leader who had no title (Amazon Link)
This book will change the way you look at your work and start loving your job. It’s always the small things that matter, while we are always focusing on the big things.
If you follow all three steps, I’m 100% sure that you will see the transformation happen in your life. You will be more relaxed and less stressful. The ultimate goal is to find yourself and start loving yourself and everything that you do.
I hope this was helpful and if you think anyone needs to read this then share this with your friends and family who are also facing the same problems.
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How to move on from difficult situations?

When we hear about moving on the only thing that comes to our mind is our last relationship. But that’s not all. Sometimes we need to move on from certain situations and circumstances. Losing someone close forever or getting fired from a job you loved. There will come many instances when you will have to be strong and move on. It gets difficult at times.
Is there really a strategy to move on?
I think there is.
I have collected 4 major points that will help you move on from all your unworthy past. But, remember this, nothing can actually help you if you yourself are not up for this task. Moving on is easy. I’ve done it. People all over the world do it several times a day. So can you. Just trust yourself and move forward.


1. Love Thyself

Whether you want to move on or not. This is something you should definitely do. Everyone is looking for acceptance in the outside world which leaves us doubting in our own mind. Next time, before looking towards someone else, be stronger and accept yourself as you are. Everyone is beautiful in their own way.

Even if you’re just fired don’t doubt yourself or maybe something wrong has happened. Just trust your instincts and believe that you are stronger and you can take any difficulty life has to offer. If you are rejected by your crush or your 3 years long relation just ended, it happens, it happens to all of us. Don’t lose hope, don’t doubt yourself. Although, start loving yourself more that is one major way to deal with any difficult situation.

2. Let past stay past

Past has let you down in some way that is why you are looking for a way to move on. To let past stay past, you need to cut off yourself from the person that is responsible for taking away your happiness. Don’t let them peek at you again once they have left you. Move on and shut all the doors that might lead that kind of people to you.
It requires you to be strong enough to ignore a person you once loved. This applies mostly to a relationship. But, in some cases, you can relate it to other situations as well. Don’t let your past come in between your present. The present is all you have to turn things around for yourself.

3. Fill your space with something useful

There is always a void after someone leaves you or maybe your 9-5 job is not there anymore and you are stuck to just your part-time job. You find yourself in a situation where you have a lot of time to overthink at times when you could have done things differently. This is not the road you should be walking on. This will only bring harm to your mindset.
Find ways to fill this empty space with something that you enjoy doing. I’ll suggest start reading books or watch the series that you always wanted to see or just work on your skills that you wanted to master. There is always so much to do. Don’t just sit and weep about what is not yours now instead, get your priorities straight and find something that is worth your time.

4. Keep Happy Memories

Past brings memories with it. Sometimes bad and sometimes good. It is your life so, decide which memories you want to hold on and which to let go. Happy memories will allow you to smile remembering about the person you moved on from.
I’ll advise you to keep holding on to the happy memories but, it doesn’t work for everyone. Sometimes happy memories do bring bad with it. So, if you are one of those then just try and forget all your memories with that person in order to move on and find happiness which was once lost.
I believe this will help you in some way to move on from difficult situations. If you are at any time in such a situation just remember one thing that you are the only thing that matters the most. So, keep yourself above everyone else.

How to be a better boyfriend/girlfriend?

How to be a better boyfriend/girlfriend?
This generation might be experiencing the most breakups in comparison to the past generations. The number seems to increase as the time passes by. But, what is the reason behind this? Are we losing our patience? Is social media affecting us? Are we too afraid to commit?
I think it is the combination of everything. Every single person and feelings in our environment are affecting the way we react to our partners.
How to be a better boyfriend/girlfriend?
You must have also experienced this before. Whenever you meet your friend at a bar or at a coffee shop and they comment about a specific thing in your partner. Although you ignore at that particular moment, it keeps coming back into your mind to haunt you. You might never have thought about this but when someone pokes you to focus on that, it just changes the way you look at your love.
The question you must ask is how are we going to tackle the circumstances and people in order to become the best boyfriend or girlfriend?
The question that should be asked is how are you going to tackle yourself?
The problem is not with the people or your environment. They have always been the same. Although they are playing a major role but it all comes down to just person and that is you. How you behave to certain things will result in what result you will get in return.
So, finally, what can be done? How can we bring those small changes to become a better version of our self?
There are few things that can be done to bring change in yourself because you cannot change the way people behave with you. The only thing you can do is change yourself.
1. Stop over thinking
Easier said than done. Everyone over thinks in one way or another. It is the fear of not able to control a situation which leads to overthinking. It may be work, family or exams. But, the worst of all is rethinking the conversation you just had with your partner.
This only happens when you expected something different from them, maybe a different reply or the level of excitement they showed at your promotion was less or even when it looks like they are ignoring you. The main thing is that it is all in your mind. None of that is real. You need to understand that and then act accordingly.
The only solution to this is knowing your thoughts. Control them. Don’t let your thoughts run wild. Meditation is the best way possible to put shackles to your unnecessary thoughts. It will bring your mind to peace.
2. Trust
Another thing that goes wrong in most relationships is trust. Most people believe that trust is way more important than love, in a relationship. I believe that too. You need to find a person whom you can trust.
Trust is not easily developed, it takes time. You can fall in love with someone at first glance but you cannot trust them until you know them inside out.
Trust works in weird ways. It actually combines with your problem of over thinking and will create various scenarios of your partner being cheating on you or he/she is giving way to much attention to someone else or they preferred their friends over you. There are billions of scenarios where you might doubt that your partner is wrong. But there is only one solution to this. Confront them. Say what’s bugging you right on their face but with a sincere approach. That’s the only way to make your relationship stronger.
One more thing that matters is, never judge a person based on their past.
3. Speak the Truth
This is the most difficult of all. Never lie to your partner no matter what. Things get rough always, every relationship goes through a rough patch but, if your foundation is strong then every difficult situation can be controlled when you both are together.
A strong foundation is built with trust and truth. If you are lying to your partner often, the chances are it will come out and when it does it will be nasty. You never want to be in such a situation. Don’t ever think that I couldn’t tell the truth at that moment. Every single time you have a choice and remember, you chose the wrong path by lying.
If your relationship is not working, something is off; something is missing, then tell your partner and discuss what is actually wrong. Chances are he/she must be feeling the same. It’s better to solve the problem between each other rather than being stranger to each other and looking for solutions outside.
These were the 3 things that I think can help you become a better boyfriend/girlfriend and save the relation that you once thought was breaking.
If you think there is something else that can be added to the list then let me know in the comments section. I would love to hear your suggestions and feedback.

How to be a Better Human Being?

How to be a Better Human Being?
You must be wondering am I not a good human being. Of course, you are. But, can you become better? Of course, you can. But, how?
Before we head to how you can modify yourself into a better individual let me ask you the two most difficult questions.
Why were we born in this world? What purpose do we have?

How to be a Better Human Being?


No one has the answer to this. Some dedicate their life towards science; exploring new things improving existing technology and some dedicate their life to serve others. Rest of the people are lost in the cycle of earning and spending. They don’t even know what’s happening around them neither do they care.
Are you one of them? If you are then just ask those two simple questions to yourself that I asked in the beginning.
Not everyone can be the next Elon Musk but, everyone can be the next Mother Teresa who spent her entire life helping the people dying from various diseases.
I know this is a lot to ask. But, I can tell you few things that you can do to become an even better person without changing your life a lot.
1. Make others Happy
Nothing can be easier than this and nothing can be difficult than this. If you are happy you can make the whole world happy.
The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively” – Bob Marley.
So, stop chasing money and start looking for happiness. It will redefine your life. Start with the small things, with your close loved ones then slowly increase the circle of happiness to the outer world. You will notice the feeling of happiness in you when everyone around you is happy.
2. Serve the needy
This must be the easiest thing to do because; the poor and the needy while showing their affection towards you for even the smallest effort from your side. You don’t have to spend all your wealth to serve the poor. Just start small, distribute one-time meal at the orphanage or old age home, or even just spend your Sundays there, it just takes your time to make them smile. If you are well educated then teach the poor kids for free. Join an NGO that imparts education for the less fortunate kids. Start small, dream big.
3.  Surround yourself with love
Everyone who has achieved big in life reminds you to let go of people who are holding you down, who are filled with hate and you need to let them go now. Just don’t think twice, it’s now or never. Excuses are for the weak and you are not weak. Find people who want to bring change in the society in a better way, people who are doing all those things that you dream of doing every day. You need to let the positivity flow through your veins that is the only option you have.
4. Treat everyone equally
Every single individual in this world deserves to be loved equally. We all need to stop classifying people on the basis of color, size, religion or anything else. You never know what they have been through all these years. Don’t judge. Just show the immense love you have for everyone. Even if they have bad intentions for you beforehand it will change after seeing your behavior towards them.
Start believing in yourself and the world will start changing itself.
I hope you are all doing well and this article helped you in some way. If you have something to share with me then you can write down in the comments section. Would love to read them. J