Empty Inside

Empty Inside | Poem

Was Love all I had?
Because Losing it made me empty.
Did life have just this problem?
Because I heard there were plenty.
Still, it seemed I was left with nothing
I wish I have someone worth loving.

The pillow knew it all,
Counted every tear as it falls,
The lyrics started making sense,
shifting pain from mild to intense.
Learnings from school didn’t work out
Was I the only one hearing my shouts
A new lesson was being taught,
Was life of this sought?

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Lost Love

Lost Love | Poem

Love is like a drop in the rain,

Sometimes all it goes is to a drain,
Sometimes you may feel the strain,
But you didn’t fall back, because it’s all in the pain.
You made him your world for years,
And he pretended like he didn’t have ears.
Every weekend he always had a few beers,
and all he left for you to drink was your tears.
But she pretended to be strong girl,
Who can withstand the scary whirl.
And deep down she wanted him to hug tight,
because now she’s going to rest and won’t fight.
Beautifully Penned by Aditya Rana. Dedicate this poem to your loved one.

Always Together Poem for Her

Always Together Poem for Her

I am sorry for being apart, 

this is the time when we restart.
It was you I was looking for, 
whether it be a deep-sea or ashore.
We might have hit a stone,
but baby now we know how it is to be alone.
The journey will have up and downs,
it is as crazy as it sounds.
Let’s promise each other to leave everything behind,
this is where the destiny intertwined.
From now lets put our ego aside,
girl I want you in my life’s ride.
The future might have its own plans,
but I want the present to be in our own hands.
They say that life is too short,
but baby for us I want to build a fort.
Where you be the queen,
and for me, it will be a beautiful scene.
Now that we are together,
baby, I can take on any weather.

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I Want You Back Poem for Her

I Want You Back Poem for Her

Girl, I want you back,


yes, I want you back.
I am ready to take all the blames,

put the history into the flames.
Lets put our ego aside,

because you know we both cried.
This not what we wanted,

let’s get back to from where we bonded.
You are the one and will always be,


I may not again plea.
Let’s not bring this relation to a halt,


I agree it was all my fault.
I promise that our bond will never shake,

I would do whatever it takes.
Girl you know I love you so much,

I want to again feel your touch.
This is all that I can say,


it’s up to you if you want to stay.

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Heartbreaking Poem For Her

Heartbreaking Poem For Her

I remember the day we first met,


I remember the day you left.
I wish for it to be just a dream,

but then again we two were the best team.
3 years later the phone beeped hi,

yet again turned out into a weird goodbye.
I wish for us to stay forever,

but you made sure that this could happen never.
You wanted things to end on good term,

But the thought of losing you eats me like a worm.
I started losing all hopes,

this is when I was introduced to dope.
In the midst of misery,

I made sure it remains just history.
The peace was within the books on the shelf,

this is when I found myself.
The love still remains in the heart,


but the misery was folded in the past.

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