Bottled up Emotions | The Keeper Diaries

We all have emotions and feelings that we keep bottled up for no reason at all which in turn affects us in the longer run. These bottled up emotions affects our psych and make us feel low throughout the time.

Have you ever had such a moment where you want to say a lot but end up saying nothing?

Bottled up Emotions | The Keeper Diaries

What I found was there are some great ways to deal with bottled up emotions which can really help you to go out and release all that pressure that you were carrying for no reason at all.

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Is life fair?

Life’s not fair, but you knew this already. Didn’t you?

The day I leave the umbrella at the house is the day it rains. But, this is my fault, right? I should check the weather before leaving the house.

Three people were running for the same bus including me but only I had to fall because of that banana peel. But, I could have been more careful. Why was I even running, I could have waited for the next bus.

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