Love Cannot Be Forced

You cannot fake love. It is impossible to fake love. Sooner or later the other person will figure out that it was not love, that they experienced. You have to love from your heart and soul. Love comes from within.

Love Cannot Be Forced | Quotes | The Keeper Diaries

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Quotes to Motivate YOU

Quotes to Motivate YOU | The Keeper Diaries

There used to be days when at nights I used to be alone and I was sad and lonely. Those days are long gone. Now, the nights are meant to motivate me. These are now the sacred moments I spend with myself to love my soul.

Don’t waste your nights thinking about the world or other people. Think about yourself. Be a bit selfish this time. Give all the love to yourself and motivate yourself for the war with the world the next day.

Quotes to Motivate YOU | The Keeper Diaries
Some things that you should do more often and not just today but every day. For now, start with today and take it forward.
Smiling gives joy to you and the people you meet. Patience will give you time to think about everything with little more attention and will improve your decision-making. Meditation is for your soul, it becomes weak with day-to-day activities. So, give your soul some time by meditating. At last, spend time with yourself, look at your decisions, motivate yourself, and love yourself.
Quotes to Motivate YOU | The Keeper Diaries
It’s difficult to be the best each day. Everyone goes through bad days and the motivation you need is somewhere broken. But, do you give up? ‘No’ should be the answer. 
You find that lost motivation and start again to be the best Version of yourself.
Quotes to Motivate YOU | The Keeper Diaries
It looks like we are moving towards the wrong direction, that is when we doubt ourselves. It’s not bad to doubt yourself but, it lowers down your confidence and you cannot give your 100% to your goal.
Start trusting yourself more. That will help you to be more confident and you’ll be invincible. Keep moving towards your goal with full trust in yourself and you will get the best results.

How to be who you are?

How to be who you are?

You might be wondering what exactly is this blog about? I think this is one of the most important blogs that I have posted in a while.

So, what exactly is this blog about?

It’s about being what your personality is and not hiding what you really are from anyone.

You might ask, why exactly is this important?

I cannot explain enough; how important this is because each one of us has different personalities which make us stand out from the rest. Being who you do not only give you confidence but also provide you with the freedom to manoeuvre your life in the way you want it to go.


How to be who you are? | The Keeper Diaries

I have personally been in situations where I lost myself to the pressure from the surroundings and my peers.

There will be times when you are not confident enough to choose a path for your future. So, people do that for you. It might be your parents or your friends.

But, How and when do we get into such circumstances?

You might blame others at that time but, one thing you need to understand is everything wrong or right that happens in your life is because of you. Only you are accountable for all that’s happening in your life. If you would have been confident enough to make decisions for yourself then, such circumstances would never occur.

There are a few things that you should do in order to be connected to yourself and not lose your identity to others. 


1. Be Confident

This should be a blog in itself, ‘How to be confident’ I guess. But, let’s leave that for another day.

This is one and the only definite way to be who you are. To show your inner personality to the world, you first have to be confident in yourself.

Confidence comes from within, not from the outside. You have to start trusting yourself that whatever you are doing is right and you are accountable for whatever goes wrong in your life. Start making your decisions wisely and find time for yourself each day to look back at your decisions and learn each day.


2. Don’t Limit yourself

So basically, to be the one you already are is not a big thing, right? But for most of the folks around it is difficult to understand what I am trying to say. We set standards before knowing our own potential and that’s where we restrict ourselves. Limits are not for human beings and obviously they can be positive or negative so, choose wisely and look deeper into it. There is no manual to life it’s better not to find one.


3. Find some alone time

I want to keep this point to the top but, not everyone finds their strength from some alone time. Some of us like to be around people to boost ourselves to the top. However, most of us can get benefitted by spending some time with ourselves. The time you are with your soul and your mind, it will re-energize you and will give you the clarity of mind you need to begin thinking about your own priorities and how you want to lead your life.


4. Peer pressure

This is one thing that will never let you find the strength to come out from your fears. The outside pressure created by our peers is something we all need to face.

Why exactly do we get affected by peer pressure?

The feeling of not being good enough in front of our friends or the insecurity of being left alone is what leads to this peer pressure. Yes, the people around you also make a difference but, what you can control is what matters.

Overcome this fear of peer pressure by following the above steps: Being confident and finding some alone time.

I’m sure you will find your soul, your passion and what you really are by doing these things. If there is something you would like to add then just put it in the comments section and if I feel it resonates with the topic I will surely share it with everyone.

How to relieve yourself from pressure of life?

You must have heard this a thousand times that life is hard or life is unfair and many more things.

I don’t agree with any of this statement. I think we make life hard by bringing a lot of complications, by setting unreal standards, by working for materialistic possessions.
How does life get to put so much pressure on us?
I think you got the answer to this question in the first paragraph itself. It’s not life, it’s you.
But, if you still feel the pressure each day then how can it be reduced or completely removed?
I hope you will find the answer to this by the end of this small yet effective blog post.

Let us talk about a number of things that can be done in order to lead a life that does not feel like a punishment.
1. Meditation
I’ve kept meditation at the top because it actually works. I have experienced it myself and people all over the world meditate to lower down stress level and start thinking properly. Meditation is directly proportional to inner peace and lower pressure from life.
Start meditating for at least 10 minutes after you wake up and before you go to bed. You will feel the difference within the first week of starting this practice. Add this to your daily routine and increase the time as you start to get comfortable. 
Meditation will allow you to clear your mind. Find youtube videos and read blogs on how to start meditating.
2. Happiness
We are all looking for happiness in one way or other. But, are you looking in the right place?
Another way to reduce pressure from yourself is to find happiness. To be clear, happiness cannot be achieved by getting a new car or owning a house. They are all short-term happiness. Long-term happiness can only be achieved by making others happy and by helping others.
You can own a big house by the lake and have hundreds of fake people around you but they cannot give you real happiness. Real happiness can even be enjoyed in a small house with just 10 people around you. Interact with everyone, not just for the sake of benefitting yourself, but for understanding them and listening to others problem. If you bring a smile to someones face they will try to bring a smile to your face every chance that they get.
3. Love what you do
You have heard this, read about this and you are most probably tired of hearing this. You don’t have to start your own business in order to love your work. You can start loving your current job, in your current position and still be happy.
Most of our pressure comes from work. Still, we do nothing in order to improve or change some things. If you are struggling with your work then I would suggest you read The Leader who had no title (Amazon Link)
This book will change the way you look at your work and start loving your job. It’s always the small things that matter, while we are always focusing on the big things.
If you follow all three steps, I’m 100% sure that you will see the transformation happen in your life. You will be more relaxed and less stressful. The ultimate goal is to find yourself and start loving yourself and everything that you do.
I hope this was helpful and if you think anyone needs to read this then share this with your friends and family who are also facing the same problems.
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