I Still Hope

I Still Hope | Poem

I found you in starting of my career standing across the hallway with a beer.
I kept staring at that beautiful smile for god knows how long until I heard a song.
People started dancing to the beats which were on repeat and I quickly found myself closer to your seat.
I Still Hope | Poem
Couldn’t say a word, still mesmerized by that smile until, until, you asked. “Have I seen you somewhere?”
And the story began of me falling for you every day and wanting you to stay until my hair turns grey.
As beautiful as it was, didn’t last much longer, as I was still stuck there and you wandered.
I tried to an extent you can’t imagine, the ego that I had, was boiled out of my blood.
I was so in love that I never asked do you also love me back.
I was so in love that I forgot both players have to run to keep the score ticking.
Life got stuck or I should say, I was stuck while the life kept moving
Three long dreadful years taught me one thing for sure, love with all you have but don’t forget to tell that you love her.
I made that mistake and faced the consequences, stuck for years, waiting for years with the hope she’ll return.
I still hope…
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The Purpose of Life

The Purpose of Life

What’s the purpose of life?
Where are we headed?
What do we want?
Is it loads of cash or the fame we need?
But, what’s the purpose of life?
The needs keep piling up like the unanswered questions.
Who will answer them?
Is there a god?
If there is, then, why we still don’t have any answers.
Why the questions keep piling up?
Those who got what they always wanted,
Are they here now?
Was that their life’s purpose?
Running after things and people for years and then lying down deep in the sand.
Are they content now?
Doing what they wanted to do.
I’m no monk nor do I intend to be.
I’m not famous but do I want to be?
I’m not rich but money attracts even the richest then who Am I to be questioned.
Are we stuck finding our life’s purpose?
Why are we always running?
Running from people
Running from true feelings
Running from ourselves
And finally running from this world
Will this ever stop?
Will these questions be answered? Maybe not.
If you ever meet God, don’t just stare or be amazed.
Ask him what’s our purpose and
will this circus ever see its final day?

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Never Mine

                                     Never Mine | Poem
Whenever I think of her name,
All I remember was a game,
I felt all my efforts went in vain,
And now I really feel shame!
I’ve put all of my time,
For making her mine.
But I just couldn’t make us shine.

I missed her each and every day,
With the hope that someday she’ll stay,
And I will someday become her bae.
But she wanted me out of her way.
She pretended herself as clay,
Which can mould itself in any way,
But me being straight as a ray,
I was the one being slay!
Beautifully penned by Aditya Rana.
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Empty Inside

Empty Inside | Poem

Was Love all I had?
Because Losing it made me empty.
Did life have just this problem?
Because I heard there were plenty.
Still, it seemed I was left with nothing
I wish I have someone worth loving.

The pillow knew it all,
Counted every tear as it falls,
The lyrics started making sense,
shifting pain from mild to intense.
Learnings from school didn’t work out
Was I the only one hearing my shouts
A new lesson was being taught,
Was life of this sought?

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