Adding another soul? Think about it first

Adding another soul? Think about it first

They are one of us and one in a million in fact. Gloomy they might look but the fire in their hearts still wants to last. Yes, they are the children of someone’s wrongful past or maybe someone who couldn’t keep up with the world’s pace. Have you ever thought of adopting a child?

The answer might be no. But I want to ask, why is it so? 
Adding another soul? Think about it first | Writings
In this overpopulated world, you want to add another soul while the ones already here are looking for a way out.

I want to ask, Are they not the god’s child?

Do they not deserve a peaceful life?

The world is changing, so should you. Try adopting a child and put a smile on an ever gloomy face. I assure you will feel good for the rest of your life. He will be your son or a daughter, nothing’s different nothing’s changed. Make someone’s life worth living by doing a small act.
Go visit an orphanage and see some kids, meet them, greet them, most importantly look at the smile on their faces, when they see you.
They must be thinking you are here to take them home. Home- a place they have never seen. All they know is someone will come and take them along. But, does that happen more often? No, it does not. Why are we so headstrong on the way things have been going? We are ready to change values that do not suit us well, but why don’t we change this mentality of having our own child.
Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in this world.”
Let’s change the way we think about adoption. Let’s break the old rituals and create a new dawn for the ever gloomy orphans who need our help.
So, I ask you, Are you planning on adding another soul to this planet?

"Is He Quitting or Are You the One Making him Quit?"

“Is He Quitting or Are You the One Making him Quit?”

Is it okay to keep someone waiting forever just for a yes? 

A girl can’t always blame the right one for quitting. Maybe it’s you who made him quit. Maybe he just couldn’t stay a sideline forever. Maybe he needs to know that you love her. Maybe just a yes can change everything for both of you. Maybe he keeps thinking that you don’t love him. Maybe that’s the thing which might push him away.

And when you really need him after all those years, he might not be the one what he used to be.
So Just ask this simple question to yourself and if you get the answer then do go and tell him.

“Is he the one quitting or are you the one making him quit?”

If you love someone then you don’t have to keep it to yourself, just because you are scared of some shit to happen. If you love him then there’s nothing to be scared about. If he deserves your love then don’t wait for the perfect moment, make this moment perfect.

We tend to live in a fear of making things worse by getting into a relationship. But, what if not getting into one is ruining everything?

Don’t be scared of change. It might be lead to all the good things this time.

Horrors of Future

Horrors of Future 

Horrors of Future | Writings

Someone whispered into my ears
“Please, help me!”
I was terrified, finding myself alone.
I could hear the sobbing.
I sensed dejection.
I could hear him saying, “I’m not worthy of being here.”
My hands started trembling, heart started beating briskly.
I saw someone afar. He was crying.
Calling me by my name. He knew who I was.
I started moving slowly towards him.
He stood there facing the other side still crying.
I was close enough to hear everything clearly.

“I’m not who I should be. I’ve become something else. I was supposed to be a kind person. See, I’m a monster now.”

And he turned.
I fell on my back. Heart in my mouth.
I felt a hand on my shoulder. He was sitting behind me. I screamed in horror.
It was me. The person crying was me. Grey hair, long beard, face half burned filled with wrinkles. But, it was me. I could recognize myself.

I became numb. Couldn’t move my body anymore. I just closed my eyes to avoid everything.
I could see him again with my eyes closed. He was there standing in front of me.

“You’re afraid of yourself. This is what you’ve become for all the sins you’ve committed. For all the sins you’re about to commit. You thought you were different. But you’re not. You are like everyone else sinning every step of their way. Hoping there’s no one keeping records. Lost the sense of gratitude, forgotten the only task of life; Serve others. I hope you change. I hope you change my destiny. I hope the records turn positive before you step here. I can just hope.”

I stood numbly while everything started disappearing.  The old burned me was gone before I could say anything. I heard a knock, and it amplified until I woke up.
It was 2 am. I was alone in the house.
I opened the door.
There was no one.
I came back inside sitting on the couch filled with horror of what just happened.
Maybe it was just a dream. But, what about the knock on the door? Maybe, that happened in my dream. I couldn’t distinguish between dreams and reality. Maybe it was just a reminder of change.

Why reading books is important for teenagers more than ever?

Why reading books is important for teenagers more than ever? 

According to me, there are four major reasons for why you should be concentrating towards spending a little more time on reading books (not just textbooks).

  • The habit of reading 
  • Improvement in personality
  • Imagination
  • Language improvement
Why reading books is important for teenagers more than ever? | Writings

Let’s talk about every point in detail.

1. The habit of reading
You might have noticed that most people including myself and you are not interested in reading even our textbooks because of one simple reason that it’s boring. We would rather opt to watch a video on YouTube regarding the same topic rather than putting our head in some textbook. While the videos are a great way of expressing everything but it will still miss some details here and there. The fact that videos are originated from the text only, it is better to learn from the book rather than watching a video.

Furthermore, if you start reading books, novels blogs that you like, you will eventually generate a habit of reading which will be very helpful in the long run. The number of words read and understood per minute will drastically increase if you generate a habit of reading. Start by reading some interesting books and then move on to the books that can change your life, about that let’s discuss in the next point.

2. Improvement in personality

You would have heard the famous quote

“Today reader, tomorrow leader.”

It has been said by various leaders all around the globe over and over again that you should at least read a book in one month time.

Yes, you can start with books that are interesting but try to switch to self-help books as soon as possible. You most probably will be thinking that I don’t need any help, I’m good the way I am. Well, I don’t disagree at all but, there’s always a scope of improvement in each and every individual. There are a number of books that will help you change your perspective towards your personal and professional life. Books like; the seven habits of highly effective people, the monk who sold his Ferrari, deep work, etc., Will surely transform the way you have been living and turn it into something that you have always aspired to be.

3. Imagination

Have you ever noticed how you move into a parallel universe when you are reading a book? Let’s talk about movies for a second here, In movies, we are just stuck to the way the director wants us to think. There’s not much to expand the way we are thinking.
But books take us to an all new level of imagination. Here, you create your own world by imagining about what you are reading. Also, it is now scientifically proven that reading a book can improve your brain activity while increasing your imagination.

4. Language improvement

Well, I don’t consider this to be a very important point and most importantly you don’t even have to work towards it. It is just an added advantage to all the other benefits you will be receiving by reading a good book. Reading books also improve our hold on a certain language as you will be reading various books by different authors. So, you eventually increase your dictionary by learning new works from every book that you read. Who doesn’t like something for free? Isn’t it?

So, I hope you have understood why it is important to start reading books and most importantly, books that will add value to your life.

Advice on being Patient from The Best in the Business

Advice on being Patient from The Best in the Business

When I was in my teenage years I used to be very impatient. This impatience lead to loss of some longtime friendships and quite a few relationships as well. Maybe it was not just that but the after effects of this which was making it even more difficult. It used to turn off the logical brain and without it, there were just raw emotions bursting out in anger on my loved ones.

Close friends advised reading some self-help books that’ll definitely help or maybe see someone like a psychiatrist who could understand what’s the problem. And there I was, 18-year-old kid, looking for patience everywhere but couldn’t find much of an answer even after reading a few books, blogs and whatnot.

 Advice on being Patient from The Best in the Business

A few years later, when I was mature enough to understand that maybe I was looking at all the wrong places. I saw my mom listening patiently to my dad blabber after a hectic day at work and moments after she listened to my sister complaint about not having enough clothes in her closet. I was standing there listening to all this and thinking what makes her listen to everyone so patiently when she could have just ignored or lashed out in such situations. After observing the same things over a week I couldn’t resist but ask her, how do you do this? From Where did you get all this patience? How can you listen to 3 people complaining about everything all the while being so calm?

Her reply stuck with me even after all these years. She said, “When you love someone deeply and care for them, you find all the reasons to stay calm and listen to their problems even when you are in a middle of a crisis. It’s not who you are in your good days which makes you a better person but it’s what you can resist and try to be a kind person even in your bad days.”

Stop looking for patience in books, blogs, and whatnot.
Learn from the in-house expert, your mother.